SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2022 at 2:00 PM
Location: 210 Turner Street, Clearwater, Florida

Please join us for an in-person free public talk presented by Michelle Nanouche, CSB of Paris, France entitled “Christian Science: What it is and How it Heals”. This will be a one-hour talk followed by Questions and Answers. The challenging problems we face today demand a fresh approach to solutions. We can’t afford to overlook the needed component of spirituality to make real progress on the issues that confront our lives and well-being. As a practitioner of Christian Science healing and an international speaker, Michelle Nanouche says, “Through honest talk about the questions people ask, I give a one-hour lecture that tackles the essential of Christian Science -its unique value as a system of healing, its practical Christianity, and its broader contribution to solving individual societal problems today.”

The lecture will explore a variety of questions, including: “Why is it that genuine healing involves more than purely physical factors based on a patient’s biology and genetic make-up?” “What does Christian Science offer beyond positive thinking or faith healing?” “How is Christian Science both spiritual and scientific?”